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€0 per month
Plan for buildings. You can provide Parkiza to your tenants
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€1 per spot monthly
You can integrate with LPR cameras, parking management and access control systems
Unlimited users
Unlimited spots
Web panel administration
Invitation of tenants’ Admins
Multi-site management
Building car park analytics & reports
Assigning parking spots to tenants
Booking spots by admin
Spare spots for Site Owner
QR code support
Access to tenant functionalities for your tenants
Access to the building only at the time of booking
Advanced analytics
Plate recognition**
Blacklisted vehicle plates
Providing integration with access control for all tenants

*This is not an offer. Pricing plan can be subject to change at any time

**Requires LPR cameras

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  • What is Parkiza?

    Parkiza is an innovative system for parking management and booking parking spaces in offices. Thanks to the intuitive application, employees, guests and visitors can book parking spaces, manage reservations and share them according to specific rules. Building owners, managers, administrators and companies using offices can easily manage their car parks in the WEB panel. Set parking rules and limits, and generate reports. In addition, Parkiza offers integration with access control systems, parking sensors and LPR cameras.

  • Is there a free trial available?

    We offer a free plan with all the basic functionalities. You can use it as long as you want.

  • Can I change my plan later?

    Yes, if you decide that you want to change the package, you can do it at any time. Please contact our sales department.

  • Is help with configuration payable?

    Yes, if you do not want to deal with the configuration yourself, such assistance is payable. You can arrange an appointment with us, during which we can help you configure the parking lot according to your needs.

  • How long does the Parkiza implementation process take??

    If you are not going to integrate Parkiza with other systems, the whole process can take up to 10 minutes. You do not need specialist knowledge to use the system. In the case of additional integrations, the time of their implementation depends on the level of complexity. Contact us and together we will estimate the length of the entire process.

  • I am a company representative, do I need the consent of the building owner to use Parkiza?

    If you do not care about additional integrations with the systems present in the car park, you do not need the consent of the building manager. However, if you would like to use additional Parkiza functionalities, such as integrations or QR codes, you must ask the manager for permission, e.g. to stick cards with codes next to parking spots.

  • Can Parkiza be integrated with other systems?

    Of course. You can integrate Parkiza with other systems, such as access control systems, gates, parking sensors, LPR (number plate recognition) cameras and with building applications. These integrations facilitate parking management and increase the level of user comfort.

  • Can I use Parkiza without integration with access control?

    Yes, you can. Parkiza does not require any integrations to fulfill its task. However, please note that some features may not be available.

  • How does Parkiza protect personal data?

    Parkiza complies with the GDPR, which means that your personal data is protected and processed in accordance with applicable regulations. We do not share your data with external entities or between roles in the system.

  • Does Parkiza support SLAs?

    Yes, we can sign Service Level Agreement, so you can be sure that our cooperation will be at the highest level.

  • I'm an employee. How can I use Parkiza

    If your organization does not use Parkiza, let decision-makers know about our solution. If your organization already uses Parkiza, you should receive an email invitation from the parking administrator. You can also download the app for free from the AppStore and Google Play.

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